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Become a Cam Model on the Best Adult Webcam Sites

Are you interested in starting a career as a cam girl? Look no further! This page provides valuable information on the top-performing websites specifically tailored for cam models. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive testing process has identified the best sites to maximize your earnings from cam shows in 2024. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make money doing what you love!

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Top 3 Cam Sites 2024 to work as a Cam Girl

Cam Models SiteBest FeatureRatingVisit
Chaturbate$11,000 Cash Contests9.3Visit Site
StripChat$24,000 Cash Contests9.1Visit Site
BongaCams$40,000 Cash Contests8.9Visit Site
best adult webcam sites to become a cam model camgirl and make money

Our ultimate guide – How to become a cam model in 2024

Do you want to earn $2,000/week or more by working just few hours? Then you can be a camgirl or a camboy.

This is a completely free Step-by-Step guide on how to become a cam girl or cam boy. We could have sold the same information in a training but we decided to give you all this knowledge for free.

So if you are thinking about becoming a cam model then this guide is just what you need to get started.

Note: You don’t need to invest any money (there is no initial investment required, $0), so don’t worry, all this can be done for free. The only thing you have to provide is your time online and start earning money.

With the exponential growth of the camming industry, the sooner you get in, the better it will be for you later.

The top models earn over $50,000 a month, all of which was possible because they started camming a few years ago when it was still a trend.

What is a Camgirl?

A cam girl, also known as a webcam model, performs adult services such as stripping, dancing, sex, fetish, and related activities in front of a webcam on her computer or laptop.

This feed is streamed live from her camera to the cam site she has joined. Viewers or clients who are on her chat room will be able to watch her live, chat with her, tip her if they want her to do something special.

How to become a Camgirl – Tools, Equipment and Accessories Required

Thinking about becoming a camgirl could be confusing because there are so many questions lingering in your mind. One of the most common questions is what tools are needed to be a webcam model. We’ve made this list on what is essential and what is not essential but beneficial.

  • Personal computer (PC) or laptop: Honestly, We’re sure most of you already have it with you. Also, it’s something that’s mandatory because you’ll need to install software from your cam site in order to get started live. This software works best with Windows, but if you are a Mac user, there are often ways to install this software on the Mac. You should have at least 2-4 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended). Some cam sites also allow you to broadcast with your mobile phone, but it’s way better from a computer.
  • High-speed Internet connection (fiber recommended): This is another important part and you should not be stingy on this point. If the people watching you are lagging or slow streaming, they will switch to another cam performer, which will negatively impact your revenue. Having the fiber is pretty important, otherwise you can also go through your 4G, or 5G but be careful with your bill.
  • High quality HD (1080p) webcam: If you have a laptop, you might think you don’t need to buy an extra webcam, but that’s not the case. The quality of the built-in webcam is poor and the stream will be blurry and of low quality. You need to provide the best experience to your audience in order to get sales running, so becoming a camera model requires you to invest in a high quality HD webcam. We recommend a Logitech camera, which offers excellent quality for its price.
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse (optional): Some models prefer using wireless keyboard as they don’t need to go back every time near the computer to talk with the viewers. For instance, they can type with the keyboard from their confortable bed. This will be a big help because you won’t have to sit like a clown in front of your laptop all the time.

Tip: Find the fastest operator in your area and also make sure no one else is using the internet while you are filming if you are using wifi. Also connect your PC / laptop directly to the cable and not via Wifi, as this will again help you improve your connection.

Cam Room: How to set up your first cam room

Your cam room or the place where you perform can greatly affect the interest of your audience. Follow these recommendations:

  • Try to find a safe place so you won’t be disturbed while working.
  • Try to minimise distractions. This means that your client or audience should focus entirely on you and not on the wallpaper on the back wall.
  • Make sure that nothing can give away your location. Like any photo, book, or anything else that could be used to infer your location. Privacy is very important during the show and you should not take it lightly.

Verify yourself on the cam site to become a cam model

Since you have decided to become a camgirl or male model, you need to provide a few documents to each of these sites in order to become verified and start streaming.

If you are under 18, you are not allowed to become a camgirl. It is illegal to join a webcam site before the age of 18.

As for the documents required, you will need to upload a scanned copy of your ID (proof of identity). Some cam sites require only one ID, others may require more.

Tip: If you don’t have a scanner, don’t worry. You can use the camera of your mobile phone to take a picture of your ID document and send it to them.

Camgirl : Tips to make your show look professional

There are a lot of extra things that can make you look more professional and get many more customers.

Sexy Items

  • Your goal is to look as sexy as possible.
  • Make sure your clothes are revealing, sexy and bring out the best in you. After all what you wear makes all the difference.
  • Changing clothes often is a good idea. You can have a variety of these clothes to spice things up. Make some tip goals around that.
  • Use multi-layered sexy clothing. The slow removal of clothes or your striptease dance will greatly help with this. Your viewers will like that and spend money to remove layers of underwear.
  • However If you’re just a beginner, its not recommended to spend too much money on this. Invest with the money you earned.

Sex Toys for adults

  • The more toys you have, the better it will be for creating goals and for your audience.
  • Have some connected toys such as lovense and ohmibod that responds to live tips.
  • Combining sexy clothes with adult toys also makes you look serious and therefore attracts the attention of viewers who are regulars on cam sites.
  • If you have lot’s of outfits and sex toys, you can make your cam show much more attractive which will surely bring you many loyal customers.
  • You will be able to get more clients that are into fetishism.

Don’t forget the lighting

  • We’re always disappointed when we see a cam model who doesn’t have good lighting. All camgirls need it to look professional.
  • Even if you are extremely beautiful, bad lighting can make you look very ordinary and vice versa.
  • Lighting can make all the difference in the show. Good lighting can give a professional look to your show.
  • Daylight is good but hard to find at times, so learn about lighting and how to install perfect lighting in your cam room.

As you can see, lighting is crucial area, even if you have a shitty camera, good lighting can make you look 100 times better.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Benefits of being a CamGirl

  • Make a lot of money fast: The best camgirls earn up over $50,000 per month. So yes, there is a lot of money to be made.
  • You are your own boss: No hierarchy here. You decide when you work and no one tell you what to do.
  • Building of confidence and self-esteem: You will chat with incredible personalities from around the world, which will help you a lot in your personal development.
  • Make money while you sleep: With all things you can sell, you’ll be able to wake up and watch how much you made while you were sleeping. What a nice feeling.
  • You become a mini celebrity: Your fans and regulars will love you, treat you like a princess and you will love it.
  • Follow your passion: One of the best things about streaming as a cam model is that it gives you the opportunity to follow your passion. Most people can’t do that because they are burdened by financial constraints and time limits. With this flexibility in terms of money and time, you can easily start doing or planning what you love the most.

Disadvantages of being a Cam Model

  • The secret and private life: It is something still taboo that most cam models don’t talk about publicly. Therefore they keep it as a secret which can be exhausting and frustrating. Finding a partner who will be comfortable with your camgirl life can be difficult.
  • Don’t expect instant results: Even if you are extremely beautiful, sexy, fit, blonde… you won’t see $10,000 instantly in your bank account. Like any other industry, webcam shows are just as competitive. In order to make real money, you have to invest your time, energy and work for it with dedication and perseverance.
  • No more privacy: Soon or later your photos and videos might be all over the place on the Internet. There are so many pirate sites and millions of porn sites where people may record and download your shows. If that happens use any service or DMCA reporting to remove your pictures or videos from these sites. Some cam sites also allow you to protect your cam show by adding a logo DMCA as well as a warning note.
  • Some viewers can be rude: Although you won’t have problems with the 99% of viewers their will always have somebody who tries to make troubles. In that case, you can always mute or ban them.

What are the advantages of becoming a camgirl

As we mentioned above, cam girls can generate a significant annual income. The most successful ones earn over $100,000 up to $1 million a year. This is real. On average a model can at least $50,000/year.

There is no limit to your daily, monthly or annual income. You decide how much money you make unlike a standard job where you are paid a monthly salary.

But take note that earning money depends on many factors, our guide is the best free resource to learn how to become a webcam model and start being popular and successful.

Set your own schedule – No clock in clock out

One of the best benefits you get when you start your cam girl career is that you can decide of your own hours. Who would not like 100% of freedom? However you will still need to make money and for that you will need to work the number of hours needed to reach your goal. Work more equals more money.

Don’t forget to stay professional when it comes to punctuality. If your viewers know that your show is scheduled for 8pm, and you are not online, you might deceive some people.

Why we do recommend these sites and not others?

Well, there are a lot of different metrics you need to look at while finding the best cam site to sign up. We did a complete analysis of all these metrics to come up with this final list of the best cam sites for new models.

  • Website traffic: The more visitors, the more paying customers there will be on the site. But traffic alone cannot guarantee that a cam site is the best. Why not? Because the more traffic a cam site receives, the more competition between models intensifies as they all begin to join the same site.
  • Payment Processing and Terms of Payment : Make sure you read the payment terms, see which payment platform is offered (Paxum, Paypal, WebMoney, ePayService, bank transfer,…) Also check the commission rate – what percentage of your earnings will the site keep and what is yours? (50% most of the time)
  • Additional features: None of the cam sites are perfect. Some might offer amazing functionality that others might miss. Now, some extra features like selling video, selling your snap, cam2cam, etc. are not offered by all of them.
  • Level of competition: Any industry that offers an opportunity to make money will see competition sooner or later. You shouldn’t worry about the competition until you are confident and have followed all of our advice.
  • System Requirements: You may have a Mac but the software that the cam site provides may only support Windows.

If you’re just starting out as a camgirl, we definitely recommend that you stick with our top ranking best cam sites as a first step. It’s the best known sites with millions of visitors and paying customers.

Tips for Cam Girls and Boys

You are what you show

Since you are selling a service as a cam model, the better you present it, the more buyers will buy it. Nowadays, how you present your product is more important than what it actually is.

When you show that you can take care of yourself, it will look as you are serious about your career. This professional behaviour will be easily noticed by your audience and you will be able to establish a much stronger bond with them.

  • First of all, make sure you are clean and neat. You should take a bath or have a shower, put on proper makeup and keep your cam room clean and tidy.
  • Try on new clothes, new outfits, see what your viewers like the most.
  • Try to look your best in every cam show.

Be lively and cheerful

Unless you’re into BDSM or humiliation fetishism, you need to show your viewers that you are active and be happy. If you just sit there with a dark and sad face and do nothing, you’re not going to make any money darling, that’s for sure. Think about it, who would paid someone to do nothing? Not a lot of people we reckon.

So make sure you have a smiley face. Look happy and active. Dance a little, show your moves, tease them, have fun with your sex toys. Spice up the atmosphere. This is why the best cam girls make thousands of dollars, because they know the art of converting viewers into customers.

Becoming a cam model is easy, anyone can do it, but making good money from it is only possible if you follow all the best tips and tricks.

Our secret #1 for new cam girls

Content and marking are extremely important. There is a tendency among cam girls to focus either on producing high quality content or on marketing. Don’t compromise, both go hand in hand.

How to multiply your income as a cam model

So many new sources of income are possible when you start to become a cam girl. Being a cam girl brings many new opportunities to make money online.

  • Sell nudes
  • Selling porn videos: When you’re live on cam, you’re trading time for money again. The more you play in shows, the more money you’ll make. Do you like the idea of making money while you sleep, because it’s possible by making and selling pornographic clips/videos online. Just make a video instead of a live one and offer it for sale in the page of your room.
  • Sell your social media: Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter any social media can be for sale. Premium chat is becoming on of the best ways for camgirls to make money online. For example, you can monetize your followers by offering them a VIP membership to your premium snapchat porn account where you do much more than just tease them. You can even create and promote your onlyfans page.
  • Sell used panties : Crazy as it seems, selling underwear is getting more and more popular by a cam models to make more money. There are so many buyers who are willing to spend $25 to $100 for used panties. Some make over thousands dollars selling panties online.
  • Make money via phone sex: You can also make money by simply talking to people on the phone. If you don’t feel comfortable with phone sex, then you can also do paid sexting. Remember, your number will remain confidential and will not be disclosed. Plus phone calls are also properly encrypted.
  • Make a wishlist: Looking forward a free gift offered from one of your fans? Make an amazon shopping list called wishlist, all they will have to do is pay and you will receive the chosen product at home.
  • Sell Skype shows: You can sell private shows on Skype for a much higher price than a normal cam show on sites. However be careful not to tell the viewers directly your Skype ID on the chat room. Some cam sites do not like this way of operate and could ban your account.
  • Doing BDSM fetish shows : Millions of people spend money like crazy on fetish shows such as dominatrix women in leather for example or financial domination.
  • Become a sugar baby: The easy way is to find a sugar daddy who buys whatever you want. This would be ideal and easier than doing anything else.

Not as easy as it sounds to be Cam Girl

New cam models think that cam work is the easiest way to make money quickly, but this is not the case, there is a learning phase.

If you’re a newbie, you may have hard time understanding things. Some people learn much faster than others. There may be even days when you’re all ready, everything looks perfect, but no one is in your chat room and all that hard work seems to be for nothing.

Therefore you need to have a solid strategy and mentality of making money as a cam girl or else you won’t succeed.

Learn from the best top models

One of the easiest ways for a cam girl to evolve is to watch, follow and replicate what is already working. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel and don’t try to find new strategies, at least not if you are just starting out. Feel free to try your new ideas once you think you got it.

Look at the list of the best cam girls with the most viewers and copy what they do to succeed. Look at the room they shoot in, the nice they target, do they make snapshots, how they interact with their audience and so on.

By replicating what works, you cannot fail.

Cam Girl’s website: Choice of the best cam site

In your journey to become a camgirl, choosing the right cam site can make all the difference.

Either you spend many hours finding and comparing the best webcam sites on the internet, or you can trust us on our experience and join the cam networks we recommend.

We recommend you to register on the sites on the top of the page because they have lot’s of visits and pay very well.

Tip: Make sure you sign up on at least 2 (or all) of these sites, as multi-network broadcasting is the best way to test and find out which site works and which one will be the most profitable for you. You can even broadcast on multiple sites at the same time and increase your revenues.

Cam Models FAQ

How much can I make as a cam model?

The answer to this question will depend on your available spare time and on your dedication. Some cam girls manage to get paid 4 to 5 figures per month. If you plan to make it as a full time job, you should expect at least four figures. The average salary is about $4,000 per month. Of course the income will depend on many factors such as a the cam sites you are using for example.

Is there an age limit to be a cam girl?

No, there isn’t. You can become a cam model at any age. Obviously you should be an adult but there is no limit. You’ll find many young girls as the average age is 23. However the age is not a requirement. Anyone will be accepted. There are even grannies doing webcam shows, so do not worry about your age.

Can anyone become a cam model?

Yes, absolutely, as long as you are over 18 years old. We are not looking for top models here with perfect bodies. Whatever your shape is you can apply for webcam model. There are many chubby girls out there and men love them.

I am guy, can I apply to be a webcam model?

Of course you can, there are thousands of men who have also chosen to become cam model as a way to make a living.

Does my sexual orientation matters?

No, it does not. You do not need to talk about your sexuality whether you straight, bi, gay or trans. However sometimes it can be an advantage to talk about it specially when your viewers appreciate it.

How to become a cam girl?

First you should apply and register to one or multiple cam sites like the top popular featuring on this page. Then, you won’t need to have many more things. But the basics are to have a good internet connection, computer or laptop and an external or built-in camera. The better is the image quality of the camera, the better it will be for the viewers. But you don’t necessary need to buy a special camera for that if you have already one that you think will be fine.

Tips to get started as a webcam model

Once you register to a cam site, they will give you all the information and instructions you need to get started. A good tip would be to watch what others cam models are doing on cam. Look at what they put as subject lines, what app they use and how do they talk the viewers.

How can I remain anonymous? Will someone who knows me find me?

This question might be one of the greatest fear of any newcomer. The answer is simple, you don’t have to worry about anything. As no one will know your real name, address or identity. When you first register on a cam site, you will be asked to give some documents to verify yourself, but for your audience, will never know who you are. All they’ll know is your nickname of the chat room. The money you’ll get paid in your bank account will come from company names like “V Media”. So no need to worry about the word “webcam” in your bank statement. All cam networks send you checks, bank transfers and IRS forms under different names. It’s almost impossible for someone close to you to stumble upon you. Unless they find you on a cam site within thousands of other models. In short, you have a better chance of winning the powerball jackpot than to be discovered. Plus, some cam sites also have the possibility to block states and countries. Which means all visitors from these countries won’t be able to find you.

Do I have to get naked to earn money as a cam girl?

Not at all. Cam girls make their own rules and set the limits. If you don’t want to get naked, you can just specify this to your viewers. Just don’t do it. You won’t be the only one that refused it. Not everyone are comfortable to have sex in front of a camera and get paid. Also many people are just looking for companionship or friendship.

I’m not that pretty, can I still make money as a camgirl?

This is a very common question and the answer is yes. You don’t need to have a perfect body or be pretty to make money on cam sites. Tip: If you’re fat try BBW category, if you’re black try the ebony category, same for skinny, tall, small and so on. There is an audience for everyone no matter how you look like. You can noticed that by watching others, they are not all pretty.

What if someone is rude or becomes offensive?

Simply block him, mute him or kick him out of your room. There are jerks everywhere. They may more often target beginners because they think you won’t be able to handle it. So if you are getting very disgusting private messages, just ban them.

What if someone records me and shares my videos on the Internet?

If you are aware that someone as recorded you and shared your videos on popular adult sites, there is a solution to this problem. You can contact a company called DMCA to find these online videos and shut them down.

What if someone records me and shares my videos on the Internet?

If you are aware that someone as recorded you and shared your videos on popular adult sites, there is a solution to this problem. You can contact a company called DMCA to find these online videos and shut them down.

Is cam girl a regular source of guaranteed income?

No, it’s not like a 9 to 5 job. You don’t get a fixed salary each month. Your income will be based on your performance. There is also a luck factor. One day you won’t make lots of money and the other one you will. This also depends on your viewers. This can be avoided by following our tips from our guide. The key is to diversify your sources of income.

When will I earn thousands of dollars?

You might or might not be able to reach this goal within the first month. But if you work hard for it, it should be attainable. Like any other method of earning money, it’s a question of time, patience, dedication and hard work. Money does not just fall from the sky. If this is the only question you are asking yourself, then a cam girl career may not be for you.